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Let it share guys we all known for the fact that is so hard to play Dota when you are using a regular keyboard keys. Sometimes it makes our hands slow to push the right keys to click. That's why I want to learned how to use Dota hotkeys and I want it to share this hotkeys to you guys. Because it is very useful especially when your a Dota addict. Try it and enjoy how to play Dota easily using this hotkey.

How to use Dota Hotkeys

Hotkeys commands:
Alt + Q = numpad 7
Alt + W = numpad 8
Alt + A = numpad 4
Alt + S = numpad 5
Alt + Z = numpad 1
Alt + X = numpad 2

Quick chat commands:
F5 = -so
F6 = -clear
F7 = -ma
F8 = -afk

DOTA Hotkey Features

  • Assign a particular hotkey on number pad. ex. Numpad 8 = W
  • Extremely portable and light soft
  • It can be saved to USB Drive, and easily to retrieve when needed.
  • Easy to use Dota Hotkeys without having trouble

Try this Dota Hotkeys Download

How to Download Dota Hotkeys
See the image attached for your reference

Use it to your favorite heroes see the guidelines and Dota heroes item build.