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Dota Hero Item Build - Sven "Rogue Knight"
We already discuss a lot of  Dota Heroes item build here and now lets give a guide for Sven "Rogue Knight" is a strength type of hero which can be play the role of carry or hitter. Very dangerous hero when got the right item to build at the early game.

Skill Build for Sven

Level 1: Storm Bolt
Level 2: Stats
Level 3: Storm Bolt
Level 4: Warcry
Level 5: Storm Bolt
Level 6: God's Strength
Level 7: Storm Bolt
Level 8: Stats
Level 9: Stats
Level 10: Warcry
Level 11: Warcry
Level 12: Warcry
Level 13: Great Cleave
Level 14: Great Cleave
Level 15: Great Cleave
Level 16: Great Cleave
Level 17: God's Strength
Level 18: God's Strength
Levels 19-25: Stats

Sven Luxury Item Build 
Power Threads
Assault Cuirass
Mask of Madness
Battle Fury
Black King Bar
Heart of Tarrassque
Monkey King Bar