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Dota Hero Item Build - Pandaren Brewmaster "Mangix"
Now lets proceed to Mangix the Pandaren Brewmaster Dota hero which is look like Storm Spirit.
Pandaren Brewmaster "Mangix" is a strength type of hero which can be play the role of carry or hitter.This Dota Hero is good in escaping enemy and fooling them due to his kind skill that will let not able recognize.

Skill Build for Pandaren Brewmaster

Level 1:  Thunder Clap
Level 2:  Drunken Haze
Level 3:  Thunder Clap
Level 4:  Stats
Level 5:  Thunder Clap
Level 6:  Primal Split
Level 7:  Thunder Clap
Level 8:  Drunken Brawler
Level 9:  Drunken Brawler
Level 10: Drunken Brawler
Level 11: Primal Split
Level 12: Drunken Brawler
Level 13: Drunken Haze
Level 14: Drunken Haze
Level 15: Drunken Haze
Level 16: Primal Split
Level 17: Drunken Haze
Level 18: Stats
Level 19: Stats
Level 20: Stats
Level 21: Stats
Level 22: Stats
Level 23: Stats
Level 24: Stats
Level 25: Stats

Pandaren Brewmaster Luxury Item Build 
Boots of Travel
Monkey King Bar
Sange and Yasha
Black King Bar
Heart of Tarrassque