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Winter Wyvern Item Build - Dota Heroes

Winter Wyvern Item Build
Dota Hero Item Build - Winter Wyvern "Auroth"
Winter Wyvern "Auroth" is an intelligence type of hero which can be plays the role of support in all game. If you manage this hero from the very start you will be no worry about how this hero become stronger and dangerous see the guide below..

Winter Wyvern "Auroth" Skill Build
Level 1 -Splinter Blast
Level 2 -Arctic Burn
Level 3 -Splinter Blast
Level 4 -Cold Embrace
Level 5 -Splinter Blast
Level 6 -Winter's Curse
Level 7 -Splinter Blast
Level 8 -Arctic Burn
Level 9 -Arctic Burn
Level 10 -Cold Embrace
Level 11-Winter's Curse
Level 12 Arctic Burn
Level 13 -Cold Embrace
Level 14 -Cold Embrace
Level 15 -Stats
Level 16 -Winter's Curse
Level 17 -Stats
Level 18 -Stats
Level 19 -Stats
Level 20 -Stats
Level 21 -Stats
Level 22 -Stats
Level 23 -Stats
Level 24 -Stats
Level 25 -Stats

Early Game Winter Wyvern Item Build
Ironwood branch
Ancient Tango of Essifation
Quelling Blade
Magic Stick
boots of Speed
Stout Shield

Core Winter Wyvern Item Build
Arcane Boots
Null Talisman
Black King Nar
Force Staff

Luxury Winter Wyvern Item Build
Buriza De Kyanon
Boots of Travel
Eye of Skadi
Shivas Guard
Scythe Guinsoo

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