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Ember Spirit - Dota Heroes

Dota Hero Item Build - Xin "Ember Spirit"
Xin "Ember Spirit" is an agility type of hero which can be plays the role of support or hitter in all game. Xin can be dangerous hero once he get the right item on his early game.

Xin "Ember Spirit" Skill Build
Level 1.  Searing Chains
Level 2.  Flame Guard
Level 3.  Searing Chains
Level 4.  Flame Guard
Level 5.  Searing Chains
Level 6.  Fire Remnant
Level 7.  Searing Chains
Level 8.  Flame Guard
Level 9.  Flame Guard
Level 10. Sleight of Fist
Level 11. Fire Remnant
Level 12. Sleight of Fist
Level 13. Sleight of Fist
Level 14. Fire Remnant
Level 15. Fire Remnant
Level 16. Stats
Level 17. Stats
Level 18. Stats
Level 19. Stats
Level 20. Stats
Level 21. Stats
Level 22. Stats
Level 23. Stats
Level 24. Stats
Level 25. Stats

Early Game Ember Spirit Item Build
Ironwood branch
Ancient Tango of Essifation
Wraith Band
Claroty Potion

Core Ember Spirit Item Build
Power Threads
Lothar's Edge

Luxury Ember Spirit Item Build
Sange and Yasha
Assault Cuirass
Manta Style

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