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Rikimaru Item Build - Dota Heroes

Rikimaru Item Build 
Dota Hero Item Build - Rikimaru "Stealth Assassin"
Rikimaru "Stealth Assassin" is an agility type of hero plays the role of supports and carry.

Rikimaru "Stealth Assassin" Skill Build
Level 1:   Blink Strike
Level 2:   Smoke Screen

Level 3:   Backstab
Level 4:   Blink Strike
Level 5:   Blink Strike
Level 6:   Permanent Invisibility
Level 7:   Blink Strike
Level 8:   Backstab
Level 9:   Backstab
Level 10:  Backstab
Level 11:  Permanent Invisibility
Level 12:  Smoke Screen
Level 13:  Smoke Screen
Level 14:  Smoke Screen
Level 15:  Stats
Level 16:  Permanent Invisibility
Level 17-25: Stats

Initial Game Items for Rikimaru
Ironwood branch
Ancient Tango of Essifation
Wraith Band
Healing Salve
Poorman's Shield

Core Rikimaru Item Build
Power Threads
Mask of Madness
Sange n Yasha
Diffusal Blade

Luxury Rikimaru Item build
Cranium Basher
Manta Style
Monkey King Bar