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Tiny Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build - Tiny "Stone Giant"
Tiny "Stone Giant"
is a strength type of hero play the role as carry in all game.

Skill Build for Tiny

   Level 1 Avalanche
    Level 2  Toss
    Level 3 Avalanche
    Level 4  Toss
    Level 5  Avalanche
    Level 6  Toss
    Level 7  Toss
    Level 8  Avalanche
    Level 9  Grow
    Level 10  Stats
    Level 11 Grow
    Level 12 Craggy / Stats
    Level 13 Craggy / Stats
    Level 14 Craggy / Stats
    Level 15 Craggy / Stats
    Level 16 Grow
    Level 17 Stats /Craggy
    Level 18 Stats /Craggy
    Level 19 Stats /Craggy
    Level 20 Stats /Craggy
    Level 21-25 Stats

Initial Game Items
Ancient Tango of Essifation
Ironwood Branch
Healing Salve
Magic Stick
Clarity Potion
Empty Bottle
Boots of Speed

Core Tiny Item Build
Magic Wand
Arcane Boots
Force Staff
Kelen's Dagger

Locked Tiny Item build
Manta Style
Assault Cuirass
Shiva's Guard
Aghanism Scepter
Sange Yasha