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Thrall Item Build

Dota Hero Item Build - Thrall "Disruptor"
Thrall "Disruptor" is a intelligence type of hero play the role of carry or support.

Skill Build for Thrall

Level 1 Kinetic Field
Level 2 Thunder Strike
Level 3 Thunder Strike
Level 4 Glimpse
Level 5 Thunder Strike
Level 6 Static Storm
Level 7 Thunder Strike
Level 8 Kinetic Field
Level 9 Kinetic Field
Level 10 Kinetic Field
Level 11 Static Storm
Level 12 Glimpse
Level 13 Glimpse
Level 14 Glimpse
Level 15 Stats
Level 16 Static Storm
Level 17-25 Stats

Initial Game Items
Ancient Tango of Essifation
Healing Salve
Magic Stick
Empty Bottle
Stout Shield

Core Thrall Item Build
Headdress of Rejuvination
Magic Wand
Medallion of Courage
Arcane Boots
Ancient Jango of Endurance
Urn of Shadows

Locked Thrall Item build
Khadgar's Pipe
Eul's of Divinity
Force Staff